A Business Insurance Intervention

It was a cold autumn night. Everyone was surprisingly still at work at LPH Enterprises. Rachel Smith was the only one in the group of employees that was beyond excited to get her work done. Her coworkers looked at her with astonishment and pity as they couldn’t believe that someone would actually be happy to work at such a late hour. Rachel was predictable, always wearing the same red colour to work but today there was something different. While at the job, she continued to laugh at everything. Her coworker asked her to a late dinner, she laughed. People left to go home, she laughed. She was always laughing and she couldn’t stop.

When anyone asked Rachel why she was laughing she always responded with, “I just love business insurance so much.” No one understood why business insurance made Rachel feel this happy. Everyone dreaded making a claim whenever something happened. Rachel would discuss the various types of business insurance when she was in the ladies room. She would write claims when she was on break. She would go home and talk to her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucky about business insurance. Rachel always thought Lucky was interested in the company’s business insurance, so she would bring her coworkers claims to show her dog.

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One morning when everyone was at work, Rachel’s coworkers decided to conduct a business insurance intervention. Rachel came into work with business insurance on her mind when a male coworker asked her to follow him into the conference room. Not knowing what was going on, Rachel was understandably nervous. As she was thinking about the end of her career at LPH Enterprises, she thought about the ways she can implement business insurance into her daily life because she never wanted to be away from it. She walked into the room and all of her coworkers were sitting there. A man told Rachel to sit at the head of the table. As she sat, her coworkers started talking.

“You’re always talking about business risks and worker’s compensation”, said Anna. Derek continued, “Every time we talk, it’s always about lowering the premium. This has got to stop.” Rachel, confused and bewildered, started to cry. While battling through tears Rachel said, “Ever since I came to this job, my life has been business insurance. I enjoy making jokes about liability claims and worker’s compensation. I love the smell of a new policy that has just been printed. Words cannot express the joy I feel when someone here at work comes to me to make a claim. You guys want me to stop but I just can’t.”

As her coworkers are sitting there looking defeated, a colleague comes in with a new business insurance claim for Rachel. Rachel takes the claim, smiles, turns to everyone in the conference room and says, “See, this is what I live for. This is the business protection claim to protect the company for when they lay you guys off. I guess I won't be seeing you all anymore.”

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